What The Hell Is DeathRoe?

….or how a pair of pyramid scheme leggings made me get my ass in gear.

Okay, I know you probably came here for launch details – right? To decode the shitty cryptic posts I’ve been making the past few weeks, hinting at “big things” and all that nonsense. But I’m gunna start y’all off with a story. (Feel free to scroll recklessly till you get to the pictures if you don’t have a decent attention span)

Anyways. Anyone close to me knows how disgusting I am over Frankensteins monster, right? (Actually, most people that have watched my streams know that. He’s great, sorry not sorry.) Well….a while back I found out that a certain multi level marketing company had…a pair of Frankenstein leggings. Not just any Frankenstein leggings though, ones with Boris Motherfuckin Karloff on them. (As opposed to others I’ve seen in the past where it’s different artsy versions of Frank. Still cute, but these ones were a whole other ball game.) They came in three colors, grey, read (YUCK.) and green/blue.

So, despite not wanting to give this company any money (over my undead body!) I took a look around eBay. Used pairs were going for….$50-120. They rarely had the color way I wanted, and the “fun” ones bothered me (blue/green) because in some lighting they looked purple (nice!) and others were cobalt. I’m picky about colors. I’m picky about clothes. I shoved the thought out of my mind and realized I couldn’t justify expensive ass leggings that weren’t “exactly” what I wanted and ran the risk of falling apart the first time they were washed. 

I forgot about it, kept it in my eBay saved searches, and attempted to move on with my life. Attempted. KEY WORD, ATTEMPTED. Even as I’m writing this, I kind of wish I was more irresponsible with my money cuz well…Frankenstein memorabilia. Anyways. I remembered a couple years ago where I’d thrown together some patterns to make some clothes for myself, covered in Frankenstein faces. I dug through my (very much overloaded) computer, and dug them up. What if I finally made some shit for myself? Hey, why not.

Three minutes later I’m editing old files and thinking….wait, why would I keep nice ass Frankenleggings to myself? If I want other spooky folks to be able to access things other than that MLM pair, what if I just…start a clothing line solely so I can sell leggings that I’D want to wear. And that’s exactly what happened. I spent the next week and a half screeching to my best friend and my mother like “Is this a good idea?” “Will anyone besides me think this is a good idea?” “Y’know what, fuck it, I’ll do it, I want those goddamn leggings.” “If I hear someone tell me I should put this logo on a shirt one more time I’m going to scream, I guess I have to now”

I’d thrown around the idea of doing my own line PLENTY of times in the past, when I was a kid I was damn near addicted to Project Runway and loved styling other people (My mom still half jokingly calls me her “personal shopper” cuz I just. Have a lot of fun mixing up outfits for people.) Between not being able to “really” sew (I handsew everything, that’s why vests take so damn long!) and the startup costs whenever I’d looked into it, along with the fact that there were essentially NO plus size options (Aka “I’m pissed because my best friend and I can’t buy the same shirt” and “What do you mean it’s $75 for a $25 item in a 2X?!”) it’d ended up on the back burner over…and over, and over and over and over.

Bitch, get to the point here.

Well I mean, until now at least. I guess all of my waiting and researching worked out, cuz I’m sitting in bed with a pile of “samples” of things I’ve designed myself. Stuff I would wear, and stuff I CAN wear because as I’ve gotten older & my health has dipped a bit – a lot of the crazy indicate outfits I loved when I was younger are…unwearable for me now. (I don’t wear jeans because they hurt, if that says anything) Stuff that I wish was more accessible on a budget (cue 16yr old me trying to buy “alternative” anything online and cringing at the prices) stuff that my best friend and I can twin in, and stuff that actually looks EXACTLY how I’d like it to, as opposed to the years I’ve spent altering damn near everything I buy off the rack. 

I’m still waiting on my second sample order (different distributor, the plus size line and items that will be preorder only) but here’s what will be up on the new & improved GlitterGore shop starting this weekend. (9/16-17) (I know I know, not the best photos – but I’m gearing up for a big shoot and couldn’t keep my mouth shut in the meantime)

But here it is, the moment I’m gunna pretend y’all were waiting for!

Unisex stuff! Coffin tees will be available in TWO other colorways, as well. (So y’know. Keep an eye out.) Kitty 2.0 shirt is printed on the back – too!

Laaaaadiiiiiies ladies ladies. This is only about half of what I’ll be offering, and plus size versions of both the leggings and skirts will be available (along with a couple plus size only designs) on a preorder type basis because they’re from a different distributor. (Straight sizes will be up in the shop immediately – everything in this photo goes up to an XL)

Anywho, I hope y’all are even half as excited as I am about this.  (….and yes, the name IS a jab at those damn legging slingers.)

xo, Kitty

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  1. Love, love, love!!! I’m glad those leggings made this happen…. I absolutely love the tank, and frankin-leggings! I can’t wait to see more!!! – Liz

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