September Challenges: Weekly Prompts

Original post made August 31st, 2017 & reuploaded after the blog reboot.

Oh, you thought I was only gunna do one? If you’ve seen my September Self Love post (centered around daily divination & journaling) and thought “Holy shit, how am I supposed to do this EVERY day?” or maybe thought that the topic of self love and care was a little too cheesy for you – ya know I wasn’t gunna leave y’all high and dry.

Yet again this came about via brainstorming within my (cute lil cyber!) coven – for people who don’t do divination, and busy folks who don’t have the time or energy to do something every day – PLUS though the content is useable by anyone (in my opinion) it’s themed around Mabon (the autumnal equinox, if that’s your thing) and the ideas that go along with it.

Wait, what the fuck is Mabon?

For my straight shooting secular folks, and normal ass people that don’t mess around with any Pagan holidays – Mabon is on the autumn equinox. (Which this year is September 22nd here in the Northern Hemisphere!) The second harvest festival (out of three, the third being Samhain) that encourages people to “reap what they sow” so to speak be it literally or figuratively with things that you’ve put in motion since the last harvest season. Because it’s on the equinox (so night & day are both equally represented) Mabon is regarded as a time to honor balance, and express your gratitude. (The closest comparison I can really make here is Thanksgiving….but ya get the idea, right?)

Anyways! I found a handful of Mabon journaling prompts (the one I adapted being from this blog) but if I’m being real I was….kind of uninspired, and there were either too many prompts (weeks people, weeks!) or the wording was too fluffy for my liking (Please….get to the damn point. I love reading metaphysical & witchy stuff but like….c’mon man. It’s kind excessive sometimes. I don’t take myself very seriously so my practice is as laidback as humanly possible.) so I jammed a few together from the ones that I saw and….realized actually, hey, this is a pretty good prompt even if you’re NOT celebrating a holiday.

(And in text form for extra accessibility)

  • WEEK ONE – Have I “harvested” everything I intended to in 2017 thus far, in my practice and my life? (Which were your favorites? What are you most proud of?)
  • WEEK TWO – If not, what’s standing in my way? What can I put in place to move through it? (New habits, approaches, ideas)
  • WEEK THREE – How can I utilize Mabon & the autumnal equinox to achieve more balance in my life? Where in my life do I NEED more balance?
  • WEEK FOUR – What bad habits or toxic behaviors need to fall away…to be sacrificed, so I can manifest my desires and goals before the end of the year? How can I do that? (Roadblocks! Outdated ways of thinking, toxic relationships, and bad habits are a few starting points to give you ideas!)

I figured hey, why not share it with you guys too? (See those themes and borderline shitty puns? What do you need to “harvest”? What should “fall” away? Ya get my point here. It’s seasonal.) Fall is definitely a great time to reevaluate and check up on yourself & where you’re headed, regardless of if you’re into “woo woo” or witchy shit (skip the question about “your practice” and move it to another point of interest – your business, school, whatever!) – and if you’re someone that’s never actively journaled before I think it can be really interesting to do some digging and get in tune with yourself even if it’s only once a week, and prompts are a perfect way to try that! (No pressure to tag me in any of it, journaling is an incredibly intimate thing IMO!)

I mean, I’m pretty sure this falls under the “September Self Love” theme I already had going on – last time I knew having a conversation with yourself (on paper, damnit!) and checking in to make sure you were getting to where you were going (or that you knew WHERE you were going!) counts as taking care of yourself, and thusly self care – AND self love! (Especially because as you get older you tend to be taking care of others and having too many responsibilities to view taking care of yourself as a non-negotiable!)

I hope you all remember to find some balance this month, and take a moment to enjoy your own personal “harvests”! Let me know if you choose to participate, or if you’d like to see more journaling stuff here!

xo, Kitty

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