September Challenges: Self Love Edition!

I swear some of us won’t take the time to care for ourselves unless it’s a “challenge”,  so I mean…

Original post made August 27th, 2017 & reuploaded after the blog reboot.

….Okay, first off, I have no idea how September creeped up so fast. (Not that I’m complaining, fuck the sun, fuck the heat, fuck most of summer, fall IS my favorite but like….that was quick. TOO quick.) Secondly, if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my feed become 99 percent tarot posts for the last month. Correct? 

To save the 8k people following me that AREN’T into any metaphysical or spooky shit: I’ve decided to make a side account, where all of that can go! (If you listen closely you can hear me grumbling about having to manage another facet of social media….oops I played myself.) The good thing about that is I don’t have to worry about bothering people with no interest about my tarot posts (an at least once a day occurrence) or whenever I yell about the moon. Plus, I can follow as many little witchy IG’s as my heart desires without all of my friends posts getting lost in my feed. (Dear Instagram, please put the posts back in order by date and time. Ya killin me.)

And to celebrate that launch (and to keep myself accountable!) after mulling it over a bit with friends and in my cyber-quasi-coven (I’m just gunna say “my coven” from here on out – it’s informal as hell, mostly just a big group of mainly solitary eclectic folks studying whatever they’d like while my friend Shelly and I yell into the void about cards and stones. Anyways. Faster to say coven, right?) that “Oh, maybe we should do a challenge!” (I’d been in charge of running #DailyDraws already) and when that got a good response I started thinking about themes (after looking for a September challenge that I liked which….didn’t happen) 

Between Mabon being a time of reflecting on your respective “harvests” (be it physically or mentally!) and September being right before most of us get scooped up into HolidayMadness™ (There’s no time to take a breather after Halloween or Samhain, cuz you’re immediately thrust into Thanksgiving…etc etc etc until everyone wakes up mid January like “What the FUCK just happened?!”) I figured that “self care and self love” would be a good theme, to try and enjoy some of the last time that everyone is spread to thin with their families and whatnot – especially because keeping up with my tarot has become such an important part of my self-care! (More on that later, maybe, who knows.)

….Aaaaanyways. Self Love September was born! (Of course, I’m posting it today so people have a few days to prep as well!) We have a great deal of folks who don’t mess with divination in our coven as well, so I figured I would make something that could be used interchangeably as both one card draws & journaling prompts. (& If you’re reading this post late, any month can be self love month! It’s never a bad time to reflect and give yourself some attention!) I’ll post the prompt graphics (I’ll be posting on Instagram and following the #JWBsept17 tag!) AND the prompt list below. 


  1. Why I am loved by others
  2. Why I should love MYSELF
  3. What should I do more of to take care of myself this month?
  4. What should I do less of?
  5. What lesson am I learning through my journey towards self love and acceptance?
  6. How I see myself
  7. How I WANT to see myself
  8. How can I cultivate more self love?
  9. What can I let go of to increase my self love? What is holding me back?
  10. I’m a beautiful person because…
  11. I feel happiest in my skin when…
  12. How can I get closer to my authentic self?
  13. What brings me comfort and stability?
  14. What would my younger self love about me now?
  15. What can I rely on for strength?
  16. What is the hardest challenge in my self love journey?
  17. What makes me unique?
  18. What do I need to forgive myself for? 
  19. What can I learn from my biggest mistakes?
  20. What is no longer benefitting me?
  21. The kindest thing I can do for myself is…
  22. How to grow from knowing: my worst quality is…
  23. How to grow from knowing: my best quality is…
  24. What can I do to trust myself more?
  25. What areas of myself do I need to focus on?
  26. What does fear want me to believe that isn’t true?
  27. How can I beat it?
  28. How can I be more loving today?
  29. How have I grown this month?
  30. How should I nurture my progress?

If you’d like to join in, feel free! I’d love to see your card (or rune!) draws on Instagram, and if sharing a journal is too personal it’s by no means required! (Neither is keeping up, y’all do what you like and what your spoon levels allow! I just wrote it up as dailies because most of us – myself included, need to take a minute everyday to think about your damn self.) 

Thanks again for being interested in my rambling! Take care of yourself this month!

xo, Kitty

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